Identifying and recruiting high performance talent is only the beginning of building your Competitive Advantage through your people.

Every High Performance Winning Team has at is core great coaching practice, honed skills and an in-depth Toolbox that enables them to become better and better.

Our Performance Coaching Programmes will build the performance capability of your high performing talent so that they can leverage their abilities and excel.

Executive Auditions

An Executive Coaching Programme that assists managers develop their Personal Brand, Career Strategies as well as a GPS assessment to identify the skills and expertise that they need to develop to achieve their career objectives

Executive Onboarding

A Coaching Programme using our global best practice tools to accelerate assimilation, engagement and performance over the first 3 months in a new role – whether the role is an internal transfer or an external recruitment

Talent Navigator 

Our Online Assessment using the award winning CareerDecisionMaker assessment suite to identify the individual Values, Motivators & Talents that drive success as well as Coaching on how to best leverage these in their role. Powerful in building engagement.

"What really separates high performers from everyone else is how they use their talents to create success!!! Our expertise and insight in successfully identifying high performing talent has set the standard of excellence that has made us world leaders in identifying the people who will transform your Competitive Advantage. Our world leading experts, networks and methodologies guarantee we will always Find the Brightest Stars for you!!"

Terry McCloy, Managing Director