Finding Talent

Many of the most talented and high performing/high potential people are simply not active in the market.

We know these people or we know where we can find them for you.

Using our Sourcing Intelligence strategies, our competitor analysis and our TalentSmart Search methodology we can identify where the best people for any given role are likely to be located.

Add to this our unparalleled networks that have been built over 25 years, an expert team of highly skilled Search specialists, Search Strategies that access social and industry media as well as our award winning Search resources.

Our Search resources include:

Targeted Recruitment

Focused on roles where talent is located in specific industries or market segments

New Zealand & Global Search

When a comprehensive coverage of potential candidates is required across a wide range of industry sectors 

Shoulder Tapping

When we know exactly where the perfect candidate for the role is located

Sourcing Intelligence

Analysis, research and competitor mapping to support our search or client succession planning

"What really separates high performers from everyone else is how they use their talents to create success!!! Our expertise and insight in successfully identifying high performing talent has set the standard of excellence that has made us world leaders in identifying the people who will transform your Competitive Advantage. Our world leading experts, networks and methodologies guarantee we will always Find the Brightest Stars for you!!"

Terry McCloy, Managing Director